Scandal Bios

  • Huck

    Huck Played by Guillermo Diaz Huck 101 - Extremely talented hacker and electronics expert - Formerly involved with the CIA; knows spycraft - Mysterious, loyal and dangerous Character Bio What the CIA ...
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  • Mellie Grant

    Mellie Grant Played by Bellamy Young Mellie Grant 101 - Married to President Fitzgerald Grant - Knows the truth about Fitz and Olivia - Ambitious and can be manipulative Character Bio Millicent Grant ...
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  • Quinn Perkins

    Quinn Perkins Played by Katie Lowes Quinn Perkins 101 - Newest member of the team - Dated a reporter who was murdered - “Quinn Perkins” is not her real name Character Bio The newest member of the ...
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  • Olivia Pope

    Olivia Pope Played by Kerry Washington Olivia Pope 101 - Extremely talented at working people and communicating - Works very hard and demands the best from her team - Does not believe in crying Chara...
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  • Harrison Wright

    Harrison Wright Played by Columbus Short Harrison Wright 101 - Avoided serious jail time thanks to Olivia - Smooth-talker who can charm almost anyone - Has a keen ear Character Bio Harrison Wright co...
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  • Fitzgerald Grant

    Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant Played by Tony Goldwyn President Grant 101 - In love with Olivia - Earnest, but can be overly idealistic - In a secretly troubled marriage with Mellie Character Bio Born t...
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  • David Rosen

    David Rosen Played by Joshua Malina David Rosen 101 - Assistant U.S. Attorney - Moral; firm believer in the rule of law - Regular foil for Olivia Pope and Associates Character Bio David Rosen, the A...
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  • Cyrus Beene

    Cyrus Beene Played by Jeff Perry Cyrus Beene 101 - Dedicated to supporting President Grant - Brought Olivia in to save Grant’s campaign - Not afraid to get his hands dirty Character Bio Cyrus Beene...
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  • Abby Whelan

    Abby Whelan Played by Darby Stanchfield Abby Whelan 101 - Escaped an abusive marriage with Olivia’s help - Opinionated and liberal - Skeptical and can be quick to judge Character Bio Abby Whelan is...
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