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Season 2 | Episode 213 | Aired 02/07/2013

When we last left Hollis Doyle, he was stepping into an elevator with the man who is planning to kill him. Huck hops inside the car before the doors close. He stops Charlie from carrying out the hit. Cyrus is in shock when Olivia reveals that Hollis didn’t try to kill the president. In other news, Fitz and Mellie take part in a photo shoot to give the world its first look at their new baby boy. They play nice until the PR moment is done. Fitz is still moving forward with divorce plans. He knows Mellie induced labor to manipulate him. He asks Olivia to wait for him as he kisses and caresses her. She’ll have to think about that one.

Watch Scandal Full Episode 13 “Nobody Likes Babies”

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