Watch Scandal Full Episode 20 “A Woman Scorned” Online

Season 2 | Episode 220 | Aired 05/02/2013

Jake continues to follow Olivia against her will. He’s under orders to protect her at all costs. A furious Olivia has no choice but to tolerate this unwanted security. Fitz will lock her away in protective custody otherwise. The president is also dealing with a hostile woman at home. Well, Mellie’s not actually at home. She’s moved into Blair House under the guise of caring for a kid with chicken pox. In reality, Mellie is threatening to go on national TV to expose Fitz’s extramarital affair unless he recommits himself to his family. As for the chicken pox story, everyone seems to be buying it except for Vice President Sally Langston.

Watch Scandal Full Episode 20 “A Woman Scorned” Online

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