Watch Scandal Full Episode 9 Blown Away Online

Season 2 | Episode 209 | Aired 12/13/2012

Sally Langston is making herself at home in the Oval Office. She wants Olivia to do her patriotic duty by staying on at the White House. That’ll have to wait. Huck is in trouble. He says, “The person they’re looking for… The one they think shot the president… That’s me.” Huck was asked to come to a hotel room by his girlfriend, Becky. When he arrived, the rifle that shot Fitz fired via remote control. Huck packed up the weapon, gathered all but one of the bullet cartridges and pulled a fire alarm as he snuck away. He plops a case onto the conference room table. Inside sits the gun that was used to shoot the President of the United States.

Watch Scandal Full Episode 9 “Blown Away” Online

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