Watch Scandal Full Episode 19 “Seven Fifty-Two” Online

Season 2 | Episode 19 | Aired 04/25/2013

A heavily-bearded homeless man gives a smartly-dressed woman some helpful information as she waits for her train at the station. The grateful commuter offers to buy the guy a coffee if he’s going to be there the next day. He will be. This scruffy-looking, sad-eyed fellow is there every day. This is Huck five years ago. This is how he existed before he met that woman who offered him that coffee. This is what he was before he met Olivia Pope.

In the present day, Huck is in bad shape after having been locked in a crate. He cowers in a corner of the office muttering “seven fifty-two” over and over. His friends are at a loss. No one knows what “seven fifty-two” means. From her hospital bed, Olivia advises everyone to keep talking to Huck even if he doesn’t respond. Quinn is up first. She details the influence Huck’s had on her life. She orders him to snap out of whatever has him so devastated. It doesn’t happen. Huck is too far gone. Seven fifty-two, seven fifty-two, seven fifty-two…

Watch Scandal Full Episode 19 “Seven Fifty-Two”

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