What Is The B613 Program?

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The infamous B-613 is a CIA-funded, top-secret, off-the-books, black ops program.

The Boss

What Is The B613 Program?

Rowan, a.k.a Olivia Pope’s father, is Jake Ballard’s commanding officer in the B-613 program. At this time, Rowan appears to be heading B-613. He was also known as the “Command” to Charlie and Huck during their active duty in B-613.

Huck’s Past B-613 Affiliation

What Is The B613 Program?

Over a decade ago, Huck was a black ops agent for B-613. He was trained by “Charlie” and became an asset to intel gathering through torture and technology. Once B-613 discovered Huck had a wife and child, they captured Huck just as he was trying to flee with his family and tossed him in a hole and “boxed’ him for a long period of time until he couldn’t remember having a family.

Months later, Huck was let out of the hole after he confessed to having no family and was sent on a mission. But he failed the orders.  Instead of killing Huck for failing his mission, Charlie ordered Huck to leave and never come back and not to ever have contact with his family again or they would die.

Homeless, sad and depressed, Huck developed a relationship with Olivia Pope at the train station after giving her the exact train arrival times. Gazing into Huck’s eyes, Olivia saw pain worse than her own pain in her life. Olivia’s desire to ‘fix’ and ‘save’ Huck, including his impeccable skillset, is why Huck works as an associate at Olivia Pope & Associate as the “Tech Specialist.”

Charlie and B-613 Paths Cross

What Is The B613 Program?

Charlie is a retired B-613 operative. After contracting out of B-613, he is now contacted by clients for hits. In season 1, Charlie was hired by Cyrus Beene to kill Amanda Tanner. Amanda Lynn Tanner is a a former White House intern who asserted she had an affair with the President of the United States. Amanda revealed that she was pregnant by the President and Cyrus gave Charlie the orders to kill her. Huck tortured Charlie to get the location of Amanda’s dead body. Huck ordered Charlie to leave the country and never come back, but first he was told to kill Billy Chambers.  Charlie continued to be on Cyrus’ payroll, until Rowan told Cyrus not to have contact with Charlie again.

After finding out B-613 had a hit out on him, Charlie went to Olivia Pope to hire her and wanted the same deal Huck has. To be “free” from B-613. Charlie reveals who the mole is right before Huck were to kill him.  Quinn intercepted and talked Huck out of killing Charlie and they both let Charlie go. That’s the last time we saw Charlie. We expect to see him again next season.

More B-613 Agents Appearances

We were all introduced to former B-613 operatives, “Wink”, “Matches”, “Paul Gray”, “Melvin Feen”, and their case officer, “Crosby” in season 2 episode 6 “Spies Like Us.” In the B-613 program, they killed 3 world leaders and made it look like a heart attack.

What Is The B613 Program? What Is The B613 Program?

Christy Meyers as Perky Counter Girl in the bakery, the sweet bakery place Charlie visited frequently, was a B-613 operative as well. She only appeared in the last two episodes of season 2 and was shot in the head by Jake Ballard in Olivia Pope’s apartment. Jake thought Rowan sent someone to kill Olivia, so he stayed to protect her. Even though it appeared the female B-613 agent was ordered to kill Olivia, her actual orders were to bring Olivia Pope in to the B-613 headquarters. Oops….

What Is The B613 Program?

Captain Jake Ballard – Present and Dishonorable B-613 Agent

Jake Ballard worked at the Pentagon in the intelligence department for the Joint Chief’s of Staff. Years ago, Jake and Fitz served in the military together. Currently, Jake is in the B-613 program, working directly under Rowan. Jake had orders from the President to watch over Olivia and report everything back to him. At the same time, Jake had B-613 orders to sway Olivia away from Fitz.

He disobeyed orders in the season finale by not bringing Olivia in and killing a B-613 agent.  They found Jake and tossed him in the hole where Huck were held.

What Is The B613 Program?

What are your thoughts?  Do you think we will see Jake in season 3 of Scandal? Who else do you think is part of the B-613 group?!?

Source: Scandal wikia, Scandal Moments Tumblr


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